Tuesday, October 28, 2008

...Missing You...

**Prelude: On June 28, 2008 a small plane crashed killed four people at Mt. Charleston, Nevada. They claimed the lives of Tanya and Erik Nunn and Craig and Michele Wilson. They left behind seven beautiful children and a community that misses them dearly. Michele was a stewardess for United Airlines, Craig a BART Police Officer, Tanya a housewife, Pastor's wife, (etc) and Erik was a Pastor of New Lifeline Ministries and was running for Supervisor.**

Today marks the fourth month since I have heard from you or seen you and I miss you terribly. I take joy in the fact that you both are in heaven with the Lord. And I cannot wait until we can meet again there. But I can't help but think about you guys allllllll the time. I will never forget you guys and soon it won't hurt to remember all the good times we shared. I'm blessed to have gotten the chance to know you both and spend 8 years with you!! But honestly, it didn't matter if people knew you for one day, one week, or their whole lives.. you made people feel so welcome, so loved, and so wanted. No one can ever take away what you had with everyone you knew (sorry brittany) because we all know how much you loved us.

I love seeing your children often. Tete is getting tall, Elorah is being a brave big sister, Niko is still the muscle woman, stubborn girl (like Erik), and Ethan is a goofy little boy now. The girls love soccer and they all love staying up in Mountain Ranch. We will still continue to pray for them daily!! You did an amazing job raising them thus far and Nan and Pop will do the rest..
. along with all of us.

I'm so glad you two were apart of my family and I appreciate the friendship you shared with my parents and myself. My parents miss you soooooooo much too. The other day I had sent my dad a funny email and of course it was political. He then replied with, "Who can I send this too?" My instant reaction was, "Erik! He'd like it!". It totally slipped off the tongue, but the look on my dad's face was unforgettable. Eddie still hasn't turned off Erik's phone.. (It's sort of a blessing in disguise for now).

Tanya, I miss your: Spongebob Laugh, our Costco trips, random phone conversations, just calling to say I Love You, seeing your gorgeous face singing on stage, you driving with your elbows the whole way home, our Mexico trips, camping trips, scary movies & popcorn, our funny picture taking skills,... and SOO much more.

Erik, I miss your: laugh, your goofiness, you falling asleep after lunch Every Sunday, our political talks, our motivational talks, you being the one to tell me straight up how it was, and I even miss phone banking for you or walking door to door. You would have made one heck of a Superviser!! I miss SO much more than that!

We love and miss you both.
*In Loving Memory of Erik & Tanya Nunn*