Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Honestly, that's all I can say for my life lately!!
Literally Craziness!

Have you guys seen that movie with Adam Sandler and he has the huge remote, I think it's called "Click"? Well that is exactly what I want right about now. I want a large remote that controls life. I wouldn't be stingy and like fast forward the boring stuff.. I would maybe rewind sometimes and play it again. But mostly I would use the pause button!!!!! I just need a pause button, to stop time and daylight adn everything, so I can catch up. Please tell me some of you guys feel like that too!
Like tonight, I would love to pause everything and study and get some sleep and then press play!So that is why I haven't exactly been the blogging queen lately. Not to mention, I don't have a laptop, which is like numero uno when I pay off my bills!!

So here is a little update on the happenings and topics of Sam! * (Oh, Ps. thanks for all of you lovely followers for staying tuned and even emailing me to make sure I'm alive!! Especially you Ms. I'm on the Today Show, Kirby, from Good Gals!)

*Here is an example of my weekly schedule:
M:I work from 9-5. Come home, study, relax, or hang with the parentals.
T:I work 9-5, school 5:30-10
W:I sleep in :), run errands or do youth things or study, then work 2-6, Youth group 6-9
Th:I work 9-5, School 5:30-10
F:I have class 9-12, then I relax or do youth stuff or homework or family time.
Fri night-Sun night:I work as a receptionist one day a weekend (for now), this is the only family time and Matt time and friend time I have during the week at all.

So this wasn't meant to be a complainy blog (but even if it was, you don't have to read it!)... I just trying to get your guys advice on what the heck to do! You notice I have gym nowhere on there. I have no "Me" time whatsoever. Matt gave me a lecture on how I need to be more selfish.. but in a good way. He thinks I give so much of myself to everything else that i don't have any time to go to the gym or do anything I want to do. Ya know? Which I completely understand. I just need God to help me juggle and for Him to drop the things that aren't necessary. I wish I got paid more so I could at least not have to worry about financial stuff on top of all of this!!! Dang.. I should play the lotto :)

School:is school. I'm doing pre-nursing studies and I def have a full load! But I would rather have a full load and get it over with than spend a million years on my pre-reqs. I love my anatomy class.. the teacher is amazing. He's a dr and is teaching to "give back" to the community but he teaches in a great way. He teaches us stuff that we need to know in the real world. He doesn't go out of the textbook so much and uses powerpoint. He says the textbook is great for founding our knowledge but not so great in the real world. I got a B on my first two exams :) I was so excited. Because I was scared I didn't put enough effort into studying.My other class is English in the morning on Fridays. I was really enjoying it and then I didn't go to class friday of my birthday, then the following friday was a holiday, and now this week I go back. I feel like I've been gone forever and am completely behind. But in reality I'm not too far behind.. except I just found out today I have an essay due on Friday that I have not written or read for!! YIKES!My last class is an online Criminal Justice class. It is really interesting but it takes some time to read through the text and lectures and powerpoints... but it's cool.

My birthday!Was amazing. It was fun. The day of I had lunch with Matt and my best friend Michelle. Her cousin works there so she made me this yummy drink. It was great to actually order something! lol. Then I had a massage. Then got ready for our birthday dinner. By "our" I mean my brother Billy & I. We have the same birthday but we're 2 years apart! Crazy huh?! So we all went to dinner as a family with some friends.. it was fun :). We just ate delicious food! No drinking!!
Then that night my girls and I (and matt lol) went to a 18+ club in Sacramento. We did 18 up because all the girls were 18-20. I FINALLY got a wristband :) Hollar! it was pretty exciting lol. we danced and had a great time. So needless to say on my 21st birthday I didn't get drunk or smashed or even tipsy. I stayed good and true and only had like 2 drinks!
Saturday we were supposed to go to the 21+ spots with my brother and his friends, but they were hungover from the night before. lol. So Matt and I went to a restaurant that turns club in my town. It was fun! We just danced and relaxed. It was a beautiful evening too!!!
The following weekend we went to the city to go bar hopping. Some of my best friends went with me and my brother and his friends. It was fun. Not exactly what I imagined it to be because some people got way to drunk and we had to leave early. I was doing more babysitting than having the best of time. But knowing me, I can make a good time out of anything.. literally! lol. The next night matt took me to dinner, just the two of us, finally! and we went to a local bar and danced and hung out all night. It was fun! I love that place now!
I'm so glad to be 21 not because of the alcohol.. but because I can get into places now! People can invite me to spots and I can get in :)

Diet:Not so great. I haven't gained any weight, yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened! I have no time to go to the gym. And I don't make time to bring my meals to work, so therefore I resort to fastfood. I HATE fast food lol. I'm disappointed in myself but as soon as I get over this flu, I'm jumping back on the bandwagon. I don't want to be fat forever so i will do whatever it takes to change my body! Not to mention I have a wedding in October! Hello!!!

Wedding:I tried on wedding dresses last weekend with my mom and dad (yes, I'm a daddy's girl lol). It was totally fun. My dad went looking at other stores while I tried on the majority of htem with my mom. We were having a ball. I liked 4 dresses.. each of them very different in their own respects. One was like lacy and romantic, another had a corset bodice thing with cupcake wrinkles, one was ruffled and sounds ugly but was gorgeous on. Then of course the lady brings me a gorgeous dress.. IN SIZE 12!! Hello, I'm so not that size. And of course I LOVED the dress. So I'm going to try and find it somewhere else in my size. I noticed as I was looking through magazines that that style seems to be the new trend, so we'll see how that goes.

Work:I don't think I explained my almost quit my job break down on here yet. So here's the short version. I'm a medical assistant at a dr's office. The dr is very peculiar. She's nice when she wants to be but can be a flat out brat. literally. one day she sits me down and proceeds to tell me a story about how she's really good at making people look professional, and getting people prepared for their careers, etc. Then proceeds to tell me how unprofessional I look, my hair is purple and ugly, she asked when I'm redying my hair because she doesnt want it in her office, because it's not professional. Tells me I don't look like the old MA she had because she had looked like an Abercrombie Model, and I do not. My scrubs don't fit me right and are unprofessional (mind you.. I'm wearing scrubs... cute ones with colors and prints and what not). Then tells me I need to take off my nails, which I can understand but it was the day before my birthday so I told her i would the following week. I was flabbergasted! She had some nerve. I left after the conversation and went to class.
The next day she was fine though.. freaking skitzo I swear. And I wasn't exaggerating on anything I told you guys.. that is what she said but longer. My cousin thinks I should find a lawyer because it's border line discrimatory. My other manager at my other job thinks I should too.So since then, she has her good days and bad days. If it were about two years ago, I would have quit that day and never came back. But now that I have bills and responsibilities and the jobworld sucks. I can't. So I'm in the process of looking for another job.. I can't deal with her skitzoness! It's crazy. So hopefully the Lord will drop something in my lap soon :) Until then, I'm stuck!!

Alright it's late now and I have to finish reading. But I hope you guys are all doing great!! Please drop me a line with how lifes going. I will try and browse through your blogs and comment soon!!!


This is where I want to be :p

My, oh my, how I love 3 day weekends! After my last post, y'all can see how much I am in need of one. I love that we all have the chance to relax, catch up on everything!! Family time, studies, homework, and did I mention relax?

Do any of you guys have any big plans for the 3 day weekend ahead??

Did I tell you guys about the mystery dinner we have tomorrow for Valentine's Day? My youth group is putting on a Mystery Valentine's Dinner as a Vday gift/slight fundraiser. It's not a murder mystery though.. it's more like a mystery of what your eating. When people come in to the "restaurant" , they have to fill out a menu.. on one side is a list of food that are all code named.. EX: Devil's delight.. is cake. Ants on a log... is celery with peanut butter and raisins. Does that make sense? So they fill out the menu and then go sit down and it is a four course meal and the youth will serve them each meal. The catch is that on the list of food is the list of utensils and drink as well. So one course you may get speghetti and and a fork or even water, toothpick, and a slice of bread. So sometimes the guests will have to use their hands!! lol. It will be a fun day and as soon as I get off my butt... I can go grocery shopping and start preparing the food for tomorrow!!!Sounds fun right??!??


I did my weigh in for the week. you can check my other blog if you really must know it. It stayed the same for a week and gained and now lost. The funny thing is, I haven't been to the gym in awhile and went to the stupid bleeping fast food a few times last week. The crappy part about being so busy is I'm busy and broke.. so I don't have time to make healthy food and I don't have the money to buy healthy food on the go! But that will all change again tonight.

Tonight, we had a pastor Greg Terry come in and preach. He's a good friend of the family, an amazing man, and a great preacher. One of the ten tests that we will go through is perseverance... and even though he was talking on a spiritual level more than anything.. I took it also on a weightloss level. So here is some encouragement for all of us.. We have to persevere to get to our dreams (both spiritual and physical). If we don't persevere then that means we give up. and I for one am soooo tired of giving up, throwing in the towel, or quitting. I'M OVER IT!

Once again I've found the motivation somewhere in me to get back on the treadmill...literally.... and get my butt in gear. So I hope this helps you guys a little bit as well!!!I'm sad my man went home and bummed that the 3 day weekend is over!! Back to work & back to life.I hope you guys had a great weekend! Any big plans??I need to post tons of pics later this week!! I have a lot to fill you in on.. picture wise!!

Phillipians 4:13: "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

I normally don't..

So I normally don't post about sports.. but I love my Cal. So I'm reposting this blog from Bears With Fangs Blog

"I figure I should do what I can to rep Memorial Stadium.
Head on over to PrepTicket to vote for Memorial Stadium as it faces off against Kyle Field in a battle of best stadiums.

I know I know. The stadium is falling apart, we stand on our tippy toes in the porta-potties to pee (both guys and gals), and a good number of us have to sit on bleachers without any back support.But c'mon. Is there a more picturesque venue in all of college football?

With the Berkeley Hills to the East, and a view of the Golden Gate and the Bay to the West, you'd be hard pressed to find one that has more charm. Really, there are few things prettier than watching the Bears run out of the tunnel in the their golden tops for a 5PM Fall game as the sun begins to set. Booyakasha."

If anything.... do it for me.. please :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

*My 21st

These are pics from my birthday last weekend, check them out :)