Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

I don't think I said it yet on here.. so HAPPY NEW YEARS!! I hope everyone had a safe yet fun filled night last night!! I am looking forward to tons of things in 2009! I love new things.. so of course I love new years.. plus it gets rid of last year! :) I'll be getting married in 09, having fun, turning 21, making friends, continuing school and getting closer to Nursing.. :) IM EXCITED!

Lat night was kind of low key.. I didn't get off work until about 7:30. I went straight to my aunt Kelly's house to say hi to my fam bam. Then got home and got dressed. Went by the church to say hi to my parents and everyone. Then we went to my brother's house, he was having a party of course. It was fun. But awkward to be the only sober ones there! So then for the ball dropping we went back to aunt Kelly's and celebrated with all my cousins and sisters! I love my family! I hope you guys had a good night too! What'd you do?

P.S. If you don't see me a lot on here it is because I started another blog:


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!llegally blonde said...

Happy New Year honey! I know how awkward it is to be the only sober person in a party - it happens to me quite often :))

Sounds like 2009 is definitely a big year for you!!! I can't believe you're getting married at 21! Sooo lucky! I'm turning 22 in 09 and I'm currently married to grad school work ha! :D