Tuesday, December 30, 2008

*Emerald Bowl*

I failed to give details about the Emerald Bowl! Silly me! So we went to the Emerald Bowl last Saturday. It was Cal Bears vs. Florida Hurricanes. We won, of course. But it was the best game I've been to yet.. and I went to every home game this season! We had GREAT seats. Seriously.. if I spit, it would touch the field. lol. We were second row and near the goal post so we had an amazing view of everything. After the game we went to exit and noticed we had exited in the hallway next to the locker room. Some of the players were headed towards the locker room but there was already a small crowd gathered! So i snuck my way into that crowd adn took pics cause I didn't have anything for them to sign! Lame! Anyway, I ended up shaking coach Tedford's hand, QB Longshore, Jahvid Best, and my favorite player.. Zack Follett. I even told Zack God Bless and he looked at me and said God Bless you too... it was our moment. lol He'll be in pros next year for sure so it was good to talk to him! I was so excited! I included some pics at the bottom of this blog! :)

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