Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm Engaged!!!!!!!!!

I'm Engaged!!!!!!!

December has always been my favorite month.. but now it is for obvious reasons! So here's the scoop!
We woke up this morning (Matt stayed the night at my house because we went out to the city last night with friends, no we don't live together, not until marriage:) exhausted from the previous nights adventures. Got up, get dressed and ready for the last Cal Bears football game of the season :( Meaning no more Zack Follet, no more Felders, no more Alex Mack.. cause they're all graduating this year. Sigh. Anywase, went to the game with Matt's dad (like usual.. it's a Saturday ritual). Everything was fun, great weather, and we won 48-7.

After the game we said goodbye to Matt's dad and then headed to our way. I thought we were going to Beka's recital but Matt decided to take a detour to Indian Rock in Berkeley. For those who have never been, I highly recommend it.. it's gorgeous. These pics are just a little proof.. I've loved it since he took me there when we first started dating.It has a view of all of the bay.. Sf, Oakland, richmond, the hills, etc. I've been trying to go for awhile but the weather has been too crummy. So we go there and just relax, cuddle, and small chat. It was really getting crowded though so we climbed down and went to the car.

We get to the car and he says he has a present for me. He hands over a black photo album. I open it and we start looking through it together. It had all of the pics from when we first started dating to now in it. So as we go down memory lane, we talk about each one of the pictures. lol. Then we get to the end and there's a bunch of blank pages so I kiss him and thank him for the gift. He says "That's not all.. I left the blank pages in the back so we can fill it up. I want to have many more memories with you.. (pulls out the ring) Samantha Middle Name, Last Name. Will you marry me?" I said yes.. of course, I even think I said it before he was done lol. And then he said some more romantic stuff and my eyes got teary.

After that we went to our favorite Italian resteraunt for dinner. These pics are funny cause one is of me so excited.. the other is him like "Oh my goodness whatd i get myself into?" kinda pose! lol. hilarious.

And I'm so excited. I love him to death. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. I cannot wait to start planning our wedding :) and of course sharing it with all of you... So our story just begins!


diamondssaphire said...

Congratulations...How exciting!

CoRiNeY said...

Aww... thats hecka cute! Im happy for you!


Tammy said...

Congratulations...what a fun way to ask with the photo album!

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