Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pick One!!!!

So these are three options that me fiance and I are considering for our engagement. We want to be sensible with the money, especially in this economy, and have the best day of our lives. If we could plan for the future, that would be a bonus too. So take a look and vote on your favorite! Thanks for the input!

Option #1: Would be to spend our whole budget on a large extravagant wedding ceremony and reception. This option would use all of our budget but would help give us our "fairytale" wedding.
Option #2: To have a family dinner and have Pastor Bill perform a small ceremony at one of the houses. Be married and start our lives together. Then have a reception a few months later. This option would save the money from the church and possible other formalities from option #1. But it would also allow us to save, hopefully, half of our wedding budget for a house.
Option #3: To go to Reno or Tahoe to elope with a few family and friends. Then spend our wedding money on a down payment on a house/condo. This option would allow us to spend most of our money on our future, but the guestlist would be limited. And all of our family and friends may not be there.

So those are the three options we were considering. If you can think of any other options, let us know. We would love your feedback on this issue! We are just barely starting the planning phase but both of these items will help in continuing the plans.


LA said...

I like option three.
Considering I'm almost in your same shoes ;) And I picked #1 and wish I had done something more along the route of #3!!
The only thing is, can you bring your pastor if you elope? Because I know that I definitely want to have my pastor be the one who does the marrying, you know?
Anyways, my fiance and I are saving ourselves too.
Long and hard but so worth it! :)

CoRiNeY said...

I'll say pick numero uno...

You only get married once...

Go for it!


But what do I know about this kinda stuff? lol

Michelle said...

I think that you should find a happy medium of all 3. Option 1 would be nice, but you definitely don't need to spend all of that money because you can still have your "fairytale" wedding and not blow the budget.

You know my opinion on this. You and Matt are meant to be together, so why not splurge a little since you're only going to get married once.

The thing about option 2, is that it'd be nice to have everyone celebrate around the time you've been married instead of being married for a few months, then having the party down the road.

Option 3 is good too, but like you said. Not everyone will be able to travel to tahoe/reno, and a lot of people will have to figure out hotel situations. It may be harder to plan for something that's farther away. Tahoe's weather can be crazy and unexpected to certain extremes that may need further preparation. I know you'll pick out the right option for the both of you. Good luck!!