Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Ready!

So I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was quiet.. but fun! I love my family and love spending time with everyone on any occasion! I would post pics, but I need to find my camera!!

I am so excited for 2009!! Mainly because it is just a new year and we def. need one of those. This year was kinda wierd. So I'm excited for this week.. no big plans really. Just hanging out with friends and family at the church. It's wierd to think I won't be at Tanya and Erik's this year.. cause I've spent the last like 8 years there! Oh, and did I mention, I'll be getting married in 2009, so that's another reason I'm excited. Personally, I hate New Year's resolutions.. I think they're silly. Rarely anyone ever finishes them.. and they're too cliche. So I do have big changes coming next year.. but none of them will be resolutions.. because they have already started.

There are a few minor/major changes I plan on making and they started today:
1. Weight loss. It's about time I shed these pounds for good! (
2. Cleanliness is next to holiness.. but not in my book. My room and car are a mess! Lately, I've just been too crazy (or lazy) to even attempt to clean them.
3. Financial. I have a lot of stuff to save up for.. so I'm teaching myself how to balance my checkbook.. all over again. I want Matt and I to start our life together on the right foot.
4. Youth Group. The youth was ran a little differently before me.. So I'm making some changes. First by our new name. Second by our first bible study "First Things First". I want the kids to know what it is they believe in, how to share it with others, and how to get closer to God. This book is a great way to start it.
5. School. Last semester I did whatever. Too much stuff was going on for my to pay 100% attention. (I did get an A in my political science class though!) This semester is different and I'm actually excited for it! I have a full course load, 4 classes, and all of this other stuff going on.. but it should be a good semester. I'm ready for the Nursing Program already!!
6. Job. I'm thinking about getting a 2nd job at Starbucks or more babysitting.. just for a little while to play catch up on bills and save!! Is this stupid? lol

So that is about all right now.. I will post with pics tomorrow!

P.s. I spent $100 at the grocery store for ALL this food :) HOLLAR!

P.P.S.S How cute is this wedding dress and bridesmaid dress. The wedding gown is a Maggie Scottero and it is gorgeous! Wonderful beading. The bridesmaid dress is totally cute. I wonder if we can change the colors. I love it! and it's cheap!

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Tammy said...

Sounds like you are ready for the new year! Lots going on for you!

Love the dress in the picture...absolutely beautiful!!

Hope you have a great new year:)