Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My, Oh, My! This holiday season has definetly brought some major changes. I guess I'll start with the bad because the good def. outweighs it... so here I go!

#1: My younger brother Juan (15) has gone to live in Visalia. He now lives in a group home. For those of you who don't know.. this has been sort of coming for a long time. He was adopted when he was five years old. He has never really gotten over that fact and somehow (even to this day) thinks the grass in greener on the other side. But he's wrong and has no idea how wrong he is. So things have gotten crazy lately, his behavior has escalated, there's been some little violence, and it was just the best (and only) thing for my parents to do. I think he will do fine there. It's a group home who's goal is to get the kids independent, be financially stable, and learn rules and regulations. The sad part about the kids in the home is almost all of them don't have families waiting for them, they don't have anyone else to turn to..hints why they're there. Then there's Juan who has a great family waiting for him at home. So that's the bad news. I don't know how long he will stay there or anything like that but it's been rough so keep us all in your prayers still!

#2: One of my best friends Michelle and I went to lunch sometime last week and as we were leaving we drove by this bridal store. This wedding dress and bridesmaid dress was in the window. We HAD to stop. They're gorgeous! The wedding dress (which wasn't actually my focal point, surprisingly) was a little under $1,000. But the Bridesmaid dress, which I love, were like $150 or something. I love the bridesmaid dresses.. when the time is right I want to take this pic and run with it. See what colors they have, sizes, etc. I'm more excited to find those dresses than I am my own! :)

#3: I found a job.. maybe two!!! I am a certified Medical Assistant and have been since Feb. of last year. I did my internship with an Ob/Gyn Dr (Loved it!) but unfortunately they didn't have any positions for me so I moved on. I moved to Family Practice who was Dr Ashby, she is a brilliant lady, a little rude sometimes, but great teacher. I was there for like 3 months. I loved it but we had a little bit of difficulty trying to get a pay raise. So I left to a Pediatric office. I was at the Pediatric Office for about 3 months when tragedy struck in my life. I had to take 1 wk off work due to funeral arrangements and such.. The Pediatric office cut my hours and I've been jobless ever since. So about a week ago I got a call from Dr. Ashby and long story short.. I'm working there a few days a week.. until more hours open up for me! I'm excited to be doing Medical Assisting again because I love it. I'm doing my pre-nursing still so it totally makes sense! I also have a receptionist job at the new Brentwood Massage Envy. So I'm going to try and work all of this in together so I can make some bank :)

*This is a pic of "the Girls" from my MA class last Feb.* <3>

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