Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Closer to the day!!

So we've unofficially picked out location.. it's called the Wedgewood Center. It's pretty nice and has an amazing price for 200 people!! Yes, I said it.. 200!! Craziness!! But what can I say? We're very loved. lol jk.


I bought my dress :) I will have to find a picture of it later.. but it's very simple because I have amazing people who are going to add stuff to it. My grandma is doing my veil. And I am just so excited. I honestly wish I didn't have to work to provide for myself or else I'd put more time into planning my wedding lol.


The date is no longer in October but AUGUST> OMGoodness. That means its 5 months away. So I am currently trying to figure out ways to make my life less busy so I can dedicate time to loosing more of this weight! I mean, honestly, I don't want to be skinny-mini, obviously but I would like to have to be able to get my dress altered inwards!!! It fits perfectly without all the understuff on.. so I'll have to take it in anyway.. but you guys know what i mean. :)

I will post more later.. gotta study anatomy!!

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