Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So we have unofficially/officially booked our wedding reception venue! THANK GOD! I cannot tell you how big of a burden that is lifted off my shoulders, seriously. We've looked at every place that I like from here to Treasure Island. This was our last stop and it is going to work out perfectly! The packages are great, site is gorgeous, and it fits 200 people in our budget!! Go figure! I know all of you brides to be or newlyweds remember what the heck I'm talking about and how stressful it was to find the perfect spot! It seemed like something would be stunning but totally out of our price range.. or something would be cheap but not so pretty. So this is it! Wedgewood Banquet Center is our place to be!

And we have a tentative date of August 21st.. Yes, I said AUGUST! So not only am I crazy busy with life but now I get a wedding to plan in five months :) But honestly, I could not be happier. I cannot wait to be with him. It's soo exciting! Plus, we get to start planning all the fun stuff now :) hollar!

So my help from you guys is.. I need some DIY ideas for favors or reception ideas.. etc. I loved HisMrs idea on photo pieces to put on the bar.. I'm def going to do something like that! So ladies, and gents, get your minds rolling on how to have budget friendly ideas to enhance the location :)

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Brittany & Bud Morrow said...

Congrats! I'm honestly excited for you Sam. The best part in planning is all the fun details that most people probably don't see right away, but as the bride, we do and it counts! As for an idea on favors. We did a VERY inexpensive and also unique idea. You don't see it very often. It's a candy table. We got a variety of candy in our colors from Winco. You can go there an order candy in bulk. I know it's already in bulk form, but you can order like a 5 lbs box of it and it comes in a week. We put each candy in it's own bowl and bought mini scoopers at a party store I think and then bought little plastic bags in bulk from CASH AND CARRY (in concord, check it out, it's loaded with party stuff for cheap. it's a warehouse)for people to bag themselves. Then it was finished off with colored thin ribbon I bought on clearance at Michael's. Slipped a "thank you for sharing this day...blah blah blah" tag on the ribbon and it was good to go. But if anything, check that Cash and Carry place, their loaded and it's cheap! Good luck with everything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Oh and again congrats on the date too, I'll probably be in labor when you're tying the knot!