Wednesday, April 15, 2009


There's four months until my wedding and I have
a venue (which was half the battle..) and food and invitations. and that's it!!
Mom picked out the cake, but we have yet to taste it and order it.
I have tons of photographer options.. but haven't settled on one yet!
We have our first engagement photo session this Sunday (Which I'm totally stoked for!! and speaking of which.. what should I wear?? What did you ladies wear for yours??)
My dress is purchased but not at all done.. My nonni is adding jewels and things to it!
The bridesmaid dresses are picked out and sized, but not ordered yet!!!
I'm still stressing like we're missing tons, and of course my mom doesn't help the situation much!! She's a little worry wort! lol
What am I missing?!? What should I do next?!! I'm really not freaking out about this..... but I just need some advice. We've never done a wedding (obviously) so we're a little new to this... and you all are pros :)

Thanks ladies!!

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Brittany & Bud Morrow said...

have you gotten a wedding binder yet? Like the kind at the book store that has all the organized stuff inside? It totally helped me stay organized and not forgetting anything. If you haven't yet, go get one. It's doesn't have to be super expensive. Does your venue come with all the tables, chairs, table cloths, place settings and napkins? And how about your knife and serving set and plates and napkins for the cake? Sometimes the serving set is given as a bridal shower gift, but it just depends if you want something specific. Your wedding registry? You've probably done that, but I'm just thinking of things. Where will you be staying that night? Get the room reserved now if you're staying in a hotel that night. You can always cancel later if something else comes up. Shoes? Under clothes? Hair appointment if getting it done professionally? Get the bridesmaid dresses ordered. Depending on where you get them, they could take a minute. And you don't want to get them last minute just in case something is wrong with one or more of them. Hope some of this helps. I was just trying to think of things off the top my head. I found it was so much better to get a lot of things done earlier rather then last minute. I was NEVER stressed when it got closer. The whole time through it was so much fun.