Monday, April 20, 2009



I've never heard of it before.. well like I've seen it, but didn't know it had a specific name?! and I saw this picture.. and fell in love with it! So we have now changed out colors to green, black, and ivory (we took out the brown). And we are putting elegant, subtle hints of this bad boy in our reception!

What do you guys think? Any ideas to incorporate it??


Brittany & Bud Morrow said...

Nice colors and layout! OK, so here's what you do. The binder is not really for putting anything in it, but more for the outline to follow. But here, do this and save the time and money from buying a binder. Get onto and create an account if you haven't yet. It's all free and really fun to brouse through. They have all kinds of stuff. But once you create your account, it will show you or pop up your TO-DO list. This thing is great to follow. Obviously, you can skip over some because they either aren't needed for the wedding or were done a long time ago. But this way, it list EVERYTHING that could be done with a wedding to keep every bride on track. From ordering things, to making quick phone calls at certain points. So do that, and you won't forget all the little things. The are so easy to forget. Especially when you're busy. And take a night one night and you two go register! It's fun and you'll need it for your shower and wedding!!

Laura said...

Oh it's lovely, creative and very San Francisco. Take it from another San Francisco blogger :) Come and join our Facebook Bay Area Blogger Network. Love your blog!