Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holidays are vast approaching!

The holiday season is fast approaching.. I can tell you, I'm nothing but excited!!! I love my family. I love it when we're all together, even with the occasional drama, and I love the fun/games/good times we have when we're together! But as with any other Holiday season.. this one will be a tricky one!! I now have to try and add all of Matt's family into the Holiday Festivities, whom I love :) Not to mention, I LOVE cooking. I love making new things, inventing new things, or just sticking with the Holiday favorites. And it totally helps that I'm a good cook!

So far the schedule is as reads...
Thursday: My family will have Thanksgiving at my house at 2pm, unless mom changes it again. (I tried to get it to start at noon and mom thought it was a bad idea, because it's early. Not to mention, my family has a tendency to be late :) Then around 4, we will have to head down to Monterey to go visit Matt's brother and sister, Tip & Deb. (So when we get married, they're going to be my brother in law and sister in law... and I'll have nieces!!!! Just a tid bit of exciting news) I love going to there house, it's a cute house, fun time.. but not so much relaxing! lol.
Friday: Matt's parents are divorced and his mom lives in Alaska. His dad and dad's girlfriend, Gary and Terry, don't care when we all get together for dinner. So we'll probably do Friday at their house. I'll bring along my delicious pies like last year.. and we'll have a good, family dinner. It will probably be the five of us: Robert (his brother), Terry, Gary, Me, & Matt. Which is a lot quieter than Thanksgiving around my house.. you know the 50 people in my immediate family!! lol
December: His mom comes down in early December. I'm excited because I like his mom and her husband, Cherie and Thom! They come down from Alaska a few times a year and we always visit them when they do. We'll probably do dinner when they come down and before they leave. I guess it will be our Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner with them?!
Oh, and from what I know.. December is supposed to be a "special" month :) It already is my favorite time of year, but this year maybe a little more special! :)

When it gets closer to Thanksgiving, I will post my "Thankful Blog". Who knows? You may even be in it!!!

Happy Holidays, thus far! God bless!

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