Saturday, November 8, 2008

Harvest Party!!!!!!!!

So at the bottom of this post, I included a slideshow (I hope it works cause I'm kinda slow at this thing) of my pictures from the church Harvest Party. I can proudly say it was a big success. It did sprinkle a little, but we prayed for the Lord to hold the rain until we were done. He did just like we asked. There's was a good amount of people coming through in different spurts. There were plenty of volunteers. The costume contest went good, I think like only one person tried to be scary in it. The Fear Factor went great too! It wasn't as gross this year and Brandon even added an obstacle, so that was fun for the kids. Madison, my cousin, ended up winning! You go Girl! So all the stress and planning, Debbie and I put in, totally paid off. All of the volunteers, hard work, creativity from both church totally paid off too. I'm excited that Antioch church was involved this year because next year will be even bigger and badder. Brentwood church has already offered to help, as well. So I'm very excited to plan that next year as well!!!!

That day and night was totally fun too. I was babysitting Jay's three girls.. who I totally love. They call me their aunt.. lol. So we had a mini sleepover at their house after the Harvest Party. Let's just say Matt got an ear full of girly talk that night!! lol. We did get a scary interruption though.. Some guy in a scary face mask knocked on the door.. So I answered it and I was scared but the dude was like "Can I have Candy?". I was like "No, Sorry we don't have any". The dude was persistent and kept asking until I had to ask him nicely to leave and shut the door. Then the guy started turning the handle trying to get in.. I was like "Babe, YOU take care of it!" lol. Meanwhile, Maddy started crying and Amanda and Sarah were totally freaked out! So Matt asked them to leave and opened the door one last time only to see Audrey's face in the door. I was SOO relieved but kinda irritated at the same time. Needless to say the girls were totally relieved! lol She just stopped by to scare us and say hellooo!!!!!


Oh, and then the following day was the Cal Vs. Oregon game. Oh my goodness it was cold!! For those who don't know, Matt's dad bought us Season Passes to the Cal Football Game.. it was a father/son tradition that he graciously invited me in on :) and I LOVE it. I love sports, but actually being there in all of the live action is SO exciting!! But anyway, that game we knew it would be cold.. but not raining!!!!! Matt's dad came a little more prepared than us because he had a water proof jacket on. Matt had layers of clothes on and a waterproof jacket on as well.. Meanwhile, I had a long sleeve sweatshirt on and a cotton (you know the water absorbant stuff) sweatshirt on. LOL. I was soaked. Before halftime, I had to go by a poncho because I was freezing and my sweatshirt must have weighed like 20 lbs. But it was an exciting game! We won and I had a LOT of fun..especially since I love the rain!!!!!!!!!!
Overall.. a good weekend! <3

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