Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh My..

So I can't necessarily say I am totally shocked.. as I'm watching the news right now. But I honestly was hoping this would turn out completely different. Obama is our first Black President... That's a history changing moment!!! I can honestly say that I would've preferred a woman (Sarah Palin) to be the first in the White House and McCain have one. Obama is underqualified, scary, his middle name is Hussein for goodness sake (lol personal opinion), for abortion, for gay marriage, for stem cell research...etc. Goodness, I cannot believe it! lol. I'll get over it.. sooner than later.. hopefully, or I'm MOVING! lol I am honored to say that I was alive when our first black president was elected.. but I wish it was one with better morals.

And as of right now Prop 8 and 4 are passing, Agopian is ahead of Glover, so maybe it won't turn out to be such a bad night :) (teasing, of course). But with that said, only 9% of the votes have been counted.

P.S. So I'm not a poor sport and I am a respectful person... so give me a day to get used to the fact that he's President.. and then.. I will get on my knees and pray for our leaders nightly. I will respect the position that he will uphold.. and I will pray even harder because HE is in it. I will pray that come January 20th.. things won't change as drastically as they could possibly chage. I will pray that I can make more money before he proposes all these taxes and harms to small businesses!! (lol) and right now I'm praying for Agopian, Yes on 8 & 4!!!!!!!!

And if Erik was in his grave, I'd know he'd be turning in it! lol

Ok more later on: the election, Harvest Party, and Life :)

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